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Safehouse Xmas Gig: Alison Boston and Safehouse Members to Improvise with Steve Beresford

Brighton’s Safehouse Experimental Music Collective presents a unique Xmas gig this year with the duo Lol Coxhill* (soprano sax) and Steve Beresford (keyboards, toys and electronics).

The evening features 3 main sets, the first with Lol and Safehouse members, the second with Steve and Safehouse members, and the third with Lol and Steve.

Alison is down for the Steve Beresford/Safehouse Members set.

Here’s a video of Steve and Lol playing with Max Eastley.

Steve Beresford, Max Eastley, Lol Coxhill at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BE
Video Production: TVF. © TVF 2011
TVF Video Production, Post-Production & Art Archive www.artvideo.tv

The full line up
Set 1 with Lol Coxhill

Stuart Revill
Chris Parfitt
Ron Caines
Monty (oxymoron Milton)
Andy Pyne
Gus Garside

Set 2 with Steve Beresford

Tim Wood
Tony Gill
Alison Boston
Clive Crask
Alaistair Willis
Al Strachan

• Sadly, Lol is in hospital and won’t make it on Wednesday. John Butcher will replace him.