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“Rough Sleeper in the Rain” & “The Big Yawn”: L(i)OVE improv(e) “There is a Better Way”

Image by Alison Boston

Track 1: “Rough Sleeper in the Rain” SafeHse WldCard 4tet 26-01-11

Alison Boston:vox
Z*ghygoem: stringed instruments
Chris Parfitt: flutes, whistles
Andy Pine: drums

Session from last January. It really builds with 2 great break-out drum sets. Well worth the time spent to listen. Closes with 6-minute drum and vocal driven improv on the theme of homeless rough sleepers.

Rough Sleeper in the Rain

 Track 2: L(i)OVE:improv(e) “There is a Better Way”
Primed4PandiculationTherapy:BigYawn/NewDawn BgtnSfeHouseWldCard4tet  30-11-11

Clive Crask: percussion, backing vox
Z*qhygoem: stringed instruments
Tim Wood: saxophone

Spacious start B4 foot-stomping break-out 2CreateCollectiveGroove. My upper range makes a rare appearance!

L(i)OVE:improv(e) “There is a Better Way”