The Enchanted Forest

Click here to listen to Alison performing the poem while you read.

The Enchanted Forest
inspired by a skating path in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Surprise! I’m the special winter fairy
Come to play in the magical place
Where all can skate and never fall!
Come on! Let’s go! Let’s have a race!

I wave my wand, a carpet appears
We all jump on, give a big cheer:
“To the Enchanted Forest, take us there!”
The carpet rises, we fly through the air.

We land in the woods on a shiny, bright path
With a surface as smooth and slippery as glass
It’s lined by trees lit with iridescent lights
Look! It’s the Carmanah Fairies aglow for the night!

Suddenly we all have brand new skates
The ice starts to glitter as the water fairies wake;
They ride our blades and guide our feet
Carving patterns on the surface; oh! it’s such a

How even the clumsiest can now skate like
Gretsky, Stoiko, or Barbara Ann Scott!
Tumbles turn to sit spins, falls become checks;
Look! There’s Grandma! She’s doing a pirouette!

It’s the magic of the fairies glinting on our blades
They make our winter play a rhythmical parade
Our chatter and laughter becomes a musical chime
In the Enchanted Forest, it’s always a wonderful time!

copyright 1997 Alison Boston


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