Days 24 & 25

Day 24: Pointillism & Day 25: Sea Foam

Chalk and glitter glue, Dr. Alison Amazed, 22/01

I was not inspired by the themes of Pointillism and Sea Foam, yet was committed to following-thru on the #30daychallenge.

I flipped through my sketch book and found a doodle that could be water, and decided to try chalk to create Sea Foam.

Then got the idea I could spoof Pointillism with glitter…and maybe get some sense of sea foam. Hahaha.

I had fun doing it, and it did help de-stress me before ending my day of packing home to be stored in a upak until such time as I have found a new rental.

Such is the life of renters in Canada. We have laws to protect tenants, yet in this instance, the law has not been respected by the landlord, and the law has been disregarded and trampled by an RTB arbitrator.


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