Wake Up Your CAI

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What is CAI?

Everybody has CaI. It’s a renewable natural resource, genetically coded into every human. Some people have it in abundance, it pours out of them and seeps into everything they do.

One thing is certain, the more you use CaI, the more it grows and evolves.  Feeding it encourages and shapes its evolution.

Alison has CaI in abundance.  She shares, teaches, and encourages CaI.

Wake Up Your CaI @ BarCampBrighton 

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  2. This session will be repeated at UXCampBrighton in October. For further information, please contact alison by leaving your contact details in the comment form. Your details will remain private.

  3. CaI = Creativity and Imagination
    The session introduces and shares physical and mental exercises that stimulate creative thinking and the sharing of creative ideas in a collaborative setting.