The Underwater Chorus – Live Improvisation Experimental Music

Safehouse@CoachHouse August3, 2011- We were rolling dice to determine number of musicians to make up ensembles, and another roll to determine length of piece. Annie Kerr was on violin, and the mood was right so I decided to improvise a poem I had just written:

The Under Water Chorus
Head submerged,
listen to the sea
hear the pebbles gently rub together
as the sea inches them up the beach
then pulls them in again
water fingers cling to each pebble, sing
Come with me come with me come with me
I’ll take you far out to sea
Maybe, whisper pebbles, we’ll come with you a way.
A dance, a tease
We will come we will come we will come
No no no,
we will stay, we will stay, we will stay.
We are of the land,
we will always be this way
can’t you hear us tapping,
knocking one against the other
While you wrap wrap wrap
your fingers in and out and all around about.
Come away come away come away
No No No
We will stay we will stay we will stay
Lie here on the beach
Yet another day, yet another day.


7 responses to “The Underwater Chorus – Live Improvisation Experimental Music

  1. You’ll be posting more? I want to hear some blues!

  2. Ah well, the experimental stuff does require developing a certain ear, as does blues – and yes from opposite ends of the musical spectrum.

  3. YOU bring the interest. You’re amazing. People will listen to anything you sing. What is all the rage in Brighton right now? The improv?
    Well, I’ll listen to anything and everything, but I do hope for some blues. :)
    If I was there, I’d stand up personally and request it! Then, maybe they’d do it!! :)
    It was live, what was the atmosphere in the room? The reaction? I bet that was one crazy night. How fun!

  4. The Safehouse events are attended mostly by the musicians who participate! We are very attentive to the other musicians when they play, it’s absolutely quiet except for the music which can sometimes be quite loud. We are there for the musical freedom. It is quite a select group, although open to anyone who wants to come along and watch or play, but as I said, it does require a certain ear.

  5. Very interesting group you have there! :)

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