Link to Live Recording: Safehouse@CoachHouse

Here’s a link to the May 4, 2011 Safehouse Experimental Collective session, recorded live at Sara Jane Glendenning’s CoachHouse, posted to the personal Multiply site of one of the SafeHouse members. Tracks 1 and 4 include vocal improvisation by Alison Boston.

You have to create an account to listen to the file, then it will download to your computer. There are 11 tracks in all, and they download and play automatically on your computer’s audio player. Tracks download one at a time, in sequential order. You can interrupt the process, by clicking on the track you want to download.

Will try to get the masters of these tracks and upload them to Soundcloud, but until then you’ll need to use this method. They are good quality recordings due to the wonderful acoustics in the CoachHouse and the instrumentation of the improvised quartets is excellent.