Watercress Inspired Poetry and Audio Track

Watercress Notes

It took almost the whole alphabet to write-out all the distracting noise about food, but finally, 23 letters later, W opened the door to some artistic creation! More pics!


4 responses to “Watercress Inspired Poetry and Audio Track

  1. Interesting. Electronic beatnik music. I couldn’t get the second track to play, but I did listen to the first. Was that your composition and recitation?

    Tossing It Out

  2. I went back and the 2nd track played. Very strange sounding.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Hi Lee, Thanks for listening and leaving a comment! They are pretty weird tracks. The first track is played at roughly the same speed as it was recorded, while the second track is slowed down to about 35% of the original speed. It went like this:
    1. Record vocals
    2. Choose the stringed instrument and add to track.
    3. Change track speed.
    4. Build the sounds by cutting-up the vocal track, excerpting short sounds and words which are then placed in various places on 4 other tracks, either looped or individually.
    5. Add in other instrument loops.
    6. Save track as Watercress 03
    7. Open track, rename Watercress03a, and change speed back to approximate speed of original recording. Mess around with it, most especially by doubling up original vocal track, positioning it in the playback slightly out of time with the first track, then adding affects to only one of those two vocal tracks. Save it.
    8. Mess around some more, save as Watercress03ab. Decide 03ab is better than 03a and send that track to iTunes and think Watercress03 had something that 03ab doesn’t have, and try to amalgamate the two tracks into one, but it is now the wee hours and am running out of steam – been working on the Watercress theme since 6:00pm.
    N.B. I usually leave tracks like this for a few weeks and take another run at them before uploading, but wanted to make the post deadline for today, so decided to upload both tracks to Soundcloud (as works in progress) for those who are as obsessed as me by the whole process :-) Which you may or may not be, but you bothered to listen and comment and even asked if I made it :-)
    Now others who are obsessed have this process to read about.

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